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I’m a partner in Swim Smooth and joined the business in 2008. I was so impressed with Paul Newsome’s coaching talent and the way he went about his work that I very much wanted to get involved – thankfully he agreed!

I’ve brought a collection of ideas to Swim Smooth which have contributed to its success in helping millions of swimmers. These include Mr Smooth, the main website, writing and editing of the blog, and most of the photography and videography you see from Swim Smooth.

Running your own business is an emotional roller-coaster but Paul and I have an excellent partnership – we are very different people with different skills but see nearly everything the same way.

What else? I like cricket, drinking tea, Lewis Hamilton, Seth Godin, gadgets (especially the expensive ones – damn) and the old arcade game Rampart.

A photo taken by me: One of my jobs is making Paul Newsome look good!

Welcome to my blog!


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  1. Hi Adam,

    I hope you are well? I am a level 3 triathlon coach and have followed Swim smooth for quite a long time, before it became mainstream really. I also tutor on the coach education courses and it is encouraging to see that more and more coaches understand how to coach swimming and don’t just stick to the one size fits all approach. Most of my coaching is online but I work with a number of individuals in the South Wales and have recently set up a squad for next season with a number of students / youth athletes emerging through talent ID. I set up Tri Coaching Wales with Julian Nagi who is one of the swim smooth coaches and really enjoy listening to him talk so passionately about Swim Smooth.

    I just thought I would say hi to let you know someone is reading your blog, as I am sure a lot will be :) and hope that you keep writing / feedback encourages you to write more. I set up a small business last year with a physiotherapist specialising in postural analysis, bike fitting, run analysis and footwear products like insoles, orthotics, wedges and shims. Consequently, from my personal perspective, I am looking forward to reading about how you have developed Swim Smooth as a business and what advice you may be able to give other people working in the sporting domain.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to reading more / hearing from you soon.

    Best wishes for the blog and website.

    Andy Lane PhD

  2. Hi Adam,

    I would like to receive your blog via email. I recently DID quit my corporate job and I’m working full-tme as a triathlon/swim coach and personnel trainer.
    Looking forward to all your advice on running your own business and how to make that emotional roller-coaster less bumpy!

    Pam Nichol

  3. Captain Snax says:

    More useful tips from Mr Smooths?……u guys are endless in your tips and talents. I look forward to more info to keep me distracted from my boring desk job.

  4. Hi Andy, Pam and Captain Snax (!) – thanks for commenting. It’s been a slow start to this blog but I’ll be posting all I can in my spare time. Hope you like it and keep those dreams alive!


  5. Hi Adam,

    Hope you’re fine? I’m Abid from Karachi, Pakistan. If you remember, I took many great tips from you via email. I’m now giving basic level freestyle coaching to new swimmers, especially kids in Karachi :) . Swimming is a sport which only elite of our society can afford. We’re giving swim coaching to all the kids who can not afford a swim coach.

    I look forward to learn more about swim coaching.

    Abid Ejaz

  6. I don’t suppose you are thinking of setting up a swim smooth squad in Essex are you?

    • Hi Catherine. Unfortunately given everything else I’m up to with coach-education and product development I just don’t have time but would love to at some point in the future! :) Adam

  7. Melissa says:

    Hi Adam

    I have been googling why I cannot get my heart rate up on the turbo and came across your post on – it really sounds like what Im doing! Im a runner, doing triathlon, I point my toes on the turbo and I cant get my heart rate about 155. If you have any advice I would really appreciate it!! Thanks

  8. Melissa says:
  9. Peter Mennel says:

    Hi Adam

    I am coming from switzerland. I am swimming coach in on very smal swiming club. It is know 3 years i am working with one triathlet with swim smooth and i am very happy about it.

    I and my friend would like to make one video analysis.
    My friend do not speak english, so i have to translate, is the one problem for you?

    Can you tell my if it is posibel to book for 2 person one video analysis. We would know the prise for this.

    best regards from switzerland.

    Peter Mennel
    078 876 54 15

  10. Fabien Bulabois says:

    Hello Adam,

    Very quick question please: are you running any 3-day coach education courses any time soon in Europe?

    I’d be interested if you do (I have just joined the SS coaches network).

    Thank you,


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