Waiting For The Golden Ticket?

When I was in corporate world I always dreamed of starting my own business and doing something I loved every day but I could never think of the perfect idea, the idea that would create a great lifestyle with almost guaranteed success. The golden ticket idea.

I would run through a lot of things in my mind: the service I’d offer, how much I’d charge and how people would find me. Some of my ideas were pretty hair-brained and all were untried and untested but I was sure if I arranged things right, things would click perfectly into place. Oh, and I spent hours trying to think of the perfect name for my imaginary business, like that was really important.

I was stuck in procrastination searching for that golden ticket.

I now know that’s not how it works. Great ideas and successful businesses don’t magically come out of the blue like that, they come from volunteering, starting projects, sharing with people, reaching out, trial and error and listening, really listening. The insights you gain, the connections you build and the skills you develop will lead you towards ideas that work and doors that open.

I’m going to post some more soon about my experience with being more generous as a personal (and business) strategy but I strongly believe that when you start doing so success becomes inevitable in the long term and will take you to places better than you ever imagined.

One word of caution: don’t delay but start in your spare time and be wary of giving up the day job at first as you don’t know how long things will take or how many twists and turns there will be along the way. I was forced to give up my corporate job due to illness and it took nearly 5 years to recover that lost income while Paul and I built Swim Smooth – but of course I’m now very pleased that happened.

Hope your 2013 has been great so far! :)



  1. Thanks mate for this great insight. Keep up with this great blog, it’s very inspiring.
    Have a wonderful Year 2013!

  2. And oh, if I may double dip ;-)

    The idea is just a multiplier for the execution, ie

    weak idea = 1
    good idea = 2
    excellent idea = 3
    weak execution = 1 000$
    good execution = 10 000$
    excellent execution = 100 000$

  3. Thanks Charles – would love to have more time for this blog… one day!

  4. What a great post Adam!!! I had read it in January but did not post a reply to thank you for the inspiration you give, and now I bumped into it and remembered how great advice this is.
    I am at the point you describe and about to take the leap of faith! 2 ideas going, one of them requires a lot of risk taking.
    Hopefully, will meet in the UK soon
    All the best,


  5. Thanks Adrian – go for it and look forward to finally meeting you one day soon!



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