Who Are You Talking To Darling?

After you’ve written an email to your customers, a blog post or something for your website, try reading it out loud to yourself as if you are speaking to an audience. This is a powerful way to experience the clarity, the flow and the nuances of what you’ve written.

In the web and social media world the ability to write well is not just important for authors or journalists, it’s now an important skill for all of us to have. More people will read your materials if they are well written and forward them on to their friends, building you an audience interested in what you have to say. You also stand a far far greater chance of being invited to write in magazines and prominent blogs, and you might even be offered a book deal one day.

Just make sure you are alone when you do the read-aloud bit.



  1. That’s a good tip. Even better (if you can bear it!) is to record yourself and listen back a few times. Those clumsy phrases and unwanted repetitions just leap out. I use a digital PVR for this, which you can get for less than 30 quid. Daily commutes provide a good opportunity for listening back.

  2. I would go further. Read it to yourself BEFORE posting anything. Get someone else to read it and critique it for you. Writers can spend so long staring at their own work that the most obvious mistakes go unnoticed but would get picked up immediately by anyone else. Mistakes undermine great work. Nobody is going to be interested in your insights if they think you can’t spell.

    If writing articles becomes a big part if what you’re doing, join a writer’s community and let them help you get a feel for what flows well, what works and the simple things anyone can do to make their writing more impactful.