Your Small Business Is A Vehicle To The Life You Are Looking For

dream job

What does your dream job look like?
(this is Emma at activeblu!)

In the developing world, the dream job of most of the population is a mid-level government bureaucrat. The job is secure, stress is low, you get a good pension and the office is nicely air conditioned. Here in the western world, my generation was brought up to value a career in accounting, middle management, engineering (my background) or medicine. Safe respectable jobs with decent pay.

And then the world changed. We found out about all the fun and fulfilling things to do at the weekends such as climbing, running and open water swimming. We discovered things around them we were passionate about such as coaching, bike design, physiotherapy, sports psychology and running events. The corporate world got tougher and targets and workload got stupid. Suddenly driving to work in the rain just to do your bosses’ bidding wasn’t so much fun any more.

The big question is this: Why let all your hard work, creativity and emotional energy be wasted by conforming to a poorly performing organisation? Shouldn’t you be passionate about what you do every day?

The Thing You’re Missing

I’m going to be bold and make a prediction: I think the thing that’s stopping you giving up the desk job and achieving your dream professional life is your lack of small-business skills and insight.

This might sound a bit dull (and perhaps like the corporate world you’re trying to escape!) but really it isn’t. Owning and running your own small-business is thrilling and very rewarding, and can bring you the lifestyle changes you are looking for. It is hard work and can be a real emotional roller-coaster at times but as someone who previously worked for 15 years at a corporation’s desk, I can tell you it’s well worth it.

The best way to think of your business is as a vehicle to give you the life you are looking for. It should help you reach the people you want to help, give you the time and facilities to do a fantastic job for them and allow you to charge appropriately for your skill level. A great small business gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in the world in something you care about. You just need the skills – and confidence in them – to make it happen.

Coming Up On This Blog

office cubicle

Your dream job? Not mine!

Over the coming weeks and months I’m going to cover:

Creating the right image for your business

Improving the effectiveness of your website

Turning casual visitors into paying customers

How people make purchase decisions

The important mindset differences in a small business versus the corporate world

How retailing your own stuff works in practise

Capturing people’s passing interest in what you do

Getting higher up in google

Overcoming your fear and pressing the go-button

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  1. Inspiring article Adam, this certainly resonated with me! Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Great article Adam, 10 years ago everyone told me i couldnt make a living from full time triathlon coaching…they were absolutely wrong and it was the best decision i ever decided to make. The reward i get from what i do is priceless and business is booming. A lot of what i do now and some of the ideas i use has been inspired by the discussions ive had with you and Paul. Most importantly your ideas work and its taken everything i do to a whole new level. Biggest compliment i can pay you is to say…. “Listen to this guy – he knows his stuff !”.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Looking forward to what you are saying, should spark some interesting debate, started my new web site, so your thoughts are going to interesting to test on whether I have covered them

  4. Thanks guys, I’ve got a great feeling about this project… :)

    What’s your website URL Paul?

  5. Nick Hannah says:

    Adam, sometimes you pick up a book or read an article and its as if they wrote it for just you at that moment. I’m just at the start of trying to escape from the office life so the blog was like an inspiring arm round me ! I’ve done 14 years in IT and just dropped to 4 days to give me some thinking & experimenting space. I’m loving triathlons so I qualified as a swim teacher this year and now researching the numbers for building my own pool to teach in and sublet to other schools. Can’t wait for the blog updates.

  6. Great stuff Nick – enjoy and let us know how you go with your endeavours!

  7. Thanks so much for your encouragement Adam. You have always been very generous with your time and talent.
    I really look forward to your ongoing inspiration

  8. Hi Adam,

    It was ‘inspirational Friday’ when the ‘vacation reading’ swim smooth email landed in my inbox. I’d started the day by catching up on Seth’s blog; I was at the Paralympics watching those incredible athletes, and then during the break between the heats and the finals I read the Swim Smooth email and was pleased to see that you’d started this blog. What a great idea and another way to showcase your talents! I know I said it before but I’m inspired by just how much you guys have managed to do so far. Keep up the hard work and I’ll follow your blog with interest.


  9. Thanks Therese and Lucy – this blog is certainly something I’ve been keen on doing for a while! Hope you enjoy! Adam x

  10. Hi Adam et al!

    I have finally ‘gone for it’ and launched my website!

    It’s not fully complete, but decided to stop messing about and get it out there!

    Cheers for the inspiration.


    • Great stuff Gav! What’s the URL?

      • You should be able to click on my name and it’ll take you there, or:


        • Oh yeah, I’m still learning my website too! Nice looking site! Are you going to put your picture on the front page? Don’t be shy! ;)

          • Ta.

            It’s a responsive site so works on mobile and tablet too without it being a seperate site.

            It’s in the ‘About Me’ section with my two cheeky ladies

            • Yeah, I’m a fan of having a friendly but professional shot slap bang on the front page – you only get a few seconds to communicate what your site is about (you!) and a good photo does that so much better than text and makes the site less anonymous… Worth considering if you can find a nice shot of you in action?

  11. Hi Adam
    Great Blog. It’s easy to say to someone else, ” take what you love to do and make it your carear” but when it applies to yourself it can be frightning. However the course you and paul gave back in 2010 at Loughborough which I was fortunate enough to attend gave me the additional confidence to really beleive that I could make Dinamic work.
    Now each day I wake up in a fantastic location, I get to work with people who are passionate and enthusiastic about what we are doing and I am “better off than any time in the last 10 years.
    However I am always listenting to the nagging doubts as that is what continually drives me to constantly evaluate and review what I am doing and look for ways to improve and give better service. Up is the only way.

  12. As Confucius says ‘do a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’
    I totally ascribe to that mindset….Totally different field but I don’t believe in being a slave to the system either. Perhaps it is hard to break away from ‘expectation’ (I come from a developing country where being a doctor, lawyer or engineer is where it’s at!) and societal pressures but my best advice is — find your fan club and keep them close!!! (I got lucky with my parents and a few key friends who believe in me totally and utterly).