We’re All On Team GB

Here in the UK there’s a big debate raging about how to carry on Team GB’s great success at London 2012 to future games. The performance of our athletes has been truly phenomenal, winning 29 gold medals and providing so many great memories and inspirational moments.

As a sports lover, I too hope these games will inspire a generation into competitive sport but for me, focusing the impact of these games on sporty children at school is far too narrow. We should all be inspired by them.

We all have talents and abilities that are special, all of us have the potential to do amazing things with those talents that others cannot. And now in the western world, we no longer have any real excuse: barriers of class, education, race, age and gender are mostly gone.

What’s more, the digital revolution means that you don’t have to be picked by a celebrity or a governing body or a TV channel for your best work to improve the lives of hundreds, or even millions, of other people.

Reaching Our True Potential

Every Olympian had to believe in themselves, push through their fears, overcome self doubt, avoid procrastination, take on the tough challenges, make difficult decisions and work hard every day. They put themselves out there and left their performances open to criticism by others. Whatever anyone else thought of them, or the seemingly insurmountable odds to reach the top of their sport, they believed in themselves every day.

We may not have the athletic talent of Michael, Usain, Mohammed or Alistair, but we should all be inspired by our athletes to overcome our own fears and maximise our talents just as they have done. The end result might not involve posing in front of the cameras with a circle shaped piece of metal but the effects could be even greater, giving you a work-life you love and recognition for your achievements.

The fulfillment that brings will last a lifetime.