Face To Face

I’m writing this on the way to Cardiff to run one of our 3 Day Coach Education Courses with 12 hand-picked coaches. Of all the things we do at Swim Smooth, these courses are perhaps the most enjoyable for me, you can’t beat spending some quality time with other passionate swim coaches, getting to know them and talking swimming with other swim geeks!

You can do a lot on the internet and reach a lot of people but you can’t beat being in the same room to really get to know someone. I can’t think of one significant relationship in our business that was formed without spending quality time with that person in the same room or on the same pool deck.

In fact, in 2010 we went to the expense of flying coach CharlesĀ CouturierĀ over from Canada to the UK, so I could meet him and get to know him on our coaching course. This obviously cost quite a lot of money but Charles is someone we are hoping to work with over the coming years (and decades!) so this was well worthwhile in the long run.

If you’re an internet or social media junky (like me!) then why not take your best electronic connections and suggest meeting up in person? If it’s a relationship with real potential for your business then it could be worth spending some money to do that if necessary.

Even if the person turns out to be not what you thought, that’s good too. At least you know and can move forwards.



  1. It is inspiring to read about your take on the importance of establishing meaningful relations, preferably face to face; and even more inspiring to be mentioned personally as a successful example of this.

    I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I was stating that this first week of November 2010 has been a life changing experience. Most of the actions I’m taking now, ie 2 years after this unique event, are still highly motivated by this class.

    I thank you for this!

    Kind regards,
    Charles G. Couturier