Something’s Changed With Youtube (For The Better)

We host a lot of video on Youtube, it can be a good way of showing people who aren’t already familiar with our work how we can help improve their swimming. People who like our video can subscribe to us, which just means they get an automated email from Youtube telling them when we put up a new video – neat.

Here’s our subscribers per month statistics over the last few years:


Something happened about 8 or 9 months ago, where I’ve drawn the arrow. We didn’t introduce any significant videos at that point but the number of new subscribers jumped up dramatically. I’m not sure exactly what’s caused this but think it must be the new graphical design of Youtube which places the ‘subscribe’ button more prominently on the page.

So, Youtube just got a bit better for everyone. One thought from me: try suggesting users subscribe to you within your videos, you might well double your subscribers.