What is different media good for?

My thoughts on the best use of each:

Twitter = gossip
Facebook = news + pics
Blogs = a single thought, notion or element of advice at a time. drip drip drip.
Website = one-stop-shop linking to everything about you
Book = a detailed life-changing message

I think which you choose to do depends on what you have to say and are trying to achieve. Ignore social pressure to be on facebook or twitter etc if it isn’t right for you, otherwise you’ll waste a helluva lot of time and effort just making noise.



  1. I would add that it’s not just FB that deals with news…so does twitter. And for a business twitter can be a great way to interact with customers. SoreenHQ is a very good example. Romsterbikewear is doing innovative things. VulpineCC is small & new but growing rapidly because of twitter. The key is interacting, though, not just pushing out info. I was deeply unimpressed by Honey Stinger, for example. When RunGeordieRun was running across America and came within 40 miles of their HQ and had mentioned a random US supporter giving him one of their waffles, I tweeted them to show how news was spreading in the UK due to him and his 8k+ followers & suggested dropping him a box — they never acknowledged it at al, which I thought was just plain rude.

    Anyhow, as you can see I’m a fan & heavy user of twitter….so maybe I’m just biased!

    • Great points Nadya! I think what you say is totally right – you’ve got to interact to get it to work for you. Choose your medium wisely and work it hard!