Be Amazing And Relentless

Back in 2009, just before we launched the new Swim Smooth website and Mr Smooth, Paul and I wavered: Did everyone already know about us from our old website? Had everyone who was ever going to buy our DVDs already done so? We had no idea but if that was true we’d just wasted two man-years of work writing all our new materials on the site, a worrying thought!

How did it turn out? Since the website launch in July 2009 we’ve had five million website visitors, 65,000 blog subscribers and around a 50 fold increase in sales. A great result for a small company. Graphically, our website visitors went link this:


Monthly traffic to the Swim Smooth website(click to enlarge)


My point here is that we tend to think that everyone already knows about us and has heard of us. Perhaps people have already visited your website or seen your advert in a magazine but do they remember you and so come back? What have you got on there that’s unique or special or memorable?

The internet is an amazing thing because it allows anyone to find out about you instantly and reach millions of people for free. But that thing they’re seeing has got to be very good (or ideally amazing) to capture their interest. Without that you get nearly zero response, it really is all or nothing.

Be Amazing And Relentless

A secondary point here is that our website hasn’t really changed since July 2009. We’ve tweaked a few things and added a few additional articles but the essentially it’s unchanged. And yet, as you can see on the graph, our website traffic is still increasing month on month and year on year. Word of mouth builds and gradually people link to the website creating more traffic.

This is true of nearly all businesses, be they web based or traditional bricks and mortar. They take time to reach their potential and although we all like to think people instantly know about us when we create a product or service, it’s almost certainly not the case.

What to conclude? Create something amazing or unique or inspiring but then just as importantly live up to that promise day-in day-out by relentlessly delivering on it. There are strategies and methods that can help maximise this but at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. It’s a lot of work but few things are as satisfying!