SS Coaching Courses Announced

Just announced in the UK in July and August:

All our coaching methods are discussed and demonstrated by us, and trialled by you.

For me a key thing is that there is no assessment or monitoring on the course, which means we can spend more time giving you the knowledge in a low pressure environment.

We’ve run five of these before for 12 coaches each time. They always go down a storm with great reviews from the attendees:

This is the first course that I have been on, coaching or otherwise, that I haven’t at some point been bored and disengaged. I enjoyed every minute of it and am looking forward to implementing ‘the gospel according to Paul’. I thought the mix of coaches was interesting and enjoyed our interactions. The video footage of swimmers was amazing. Paul made this whole coaching malarkey seem simple. Thank you Paul and Adam for the gob-smackingly good course! 

Penny Rother, Scotland

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  1. Hi Adam,

    I have subscribed to your blog. I am a L2 Triathlon Australia coach based in Lennox head, NSW. I am interested in progressing the business side of my coaching and would appreciate any feedback.


  2. Thanks Jake – I’ll do my best to help! ;)